Wednesday, April 25, 2012

So Far So Good

Baby is looking Great so Far. I had my 19 week ultrasound April 16th and was excited to bring along my SIL. The baby measured right on date to the day and looked great. Baby had his/her head towards my right side and feet towards my left. Not uncommon at all! baby was laying on his/her stomach so his/her back was up towards my stomach. Because of this position they had to bring me back this past Monday to get the measurements for the Heart Chambers which look great.

So I got a bonus ultrasound and double confirmation of the sex of the baby. The ultrasound tech's at St John's are awesome. The tech that did my scan Monday offered to switch on the 4d imaging and got the most amazing picture of our babies face.

 I love this picture :)
Now that I know what I am having I have been busy making the baby a blanket/quilt and things for its first photoshoot as well as baby clothes shopping.

 Also this Saturday Shane is turning 4. I can't believe how fast he is growing up. He is top of his class (no surprise) and doing well as always. He is very excited to be a big brother.

 We are having a small family party this year. Shane is getting a swing set as soon as we move as his big present. we are excited that my husbands brother Robert and his wife Ana extended their visit an extra week in order to be here for his party.
This year his theme will be Cars. He loves the Cars movies and characters.

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  1. Congrats Laura, glad things are going well for you this time around.