Monday, April 9, 2012

They call him the BABY WHISPERER

Easter time means seeing the extended family and all the cousins. It started a couple of years ago when my family realized my husbands gift. He is amazing with babies/kids. Babies love him and he loves them. Many times when babies are crying, he is the only one that can calm them. Some of my cousins are very fussy when being picked up. They never have a problem letting Phil pick them up. They flock to Phil. So my family began to call him The BABY WHISPERER! Check out this picture of Phil and our 2 nieces Maddy and Faith from yesterday.
It's so cute. I cant wait to see him holding our second baby in August/September. I really am lucky to have such a great Husband. Oh and we had a great Easter. Shane had a blast playing with his cousins and collecting eggs on the Easter egg hunt.
Hope you all had a good Easter as well :)


  1. Can your husband come over and work his magic on my grouchy daughter? LOL.

  2. LOL...He says he should start a business and charge $20 an hour.