Monday, April 30, 2012

Nickelodeon’s Floam and Gak

Completely reformulated to make playtime and clean-up a cinch for a new generation of families, new Nickelodeon Floam and Gak are two unique reusable compounds, each designed to encourage creative thinking and open-ended play.

New Nickelodeon Floam is an incredible, reusable molding compound. Mold, fold and roll new Nickelodeon Floam into any creation imaginable – the possibilities are endless!

 New formula that is less messy this texturized foam can be squeezed, squashed and flattened. create free form sculptures from scratch or mold onto common household items. After you're done, squish Floam back into its container and use it again and again or let your creation harden overnight and keep it forever!

 Shane really likes floam. He created a car with his daddy and then made his own sculpture. He was entertained for over an hour.

 Floam retails for 6.99 each and can be found at

New Nickelodeon Gak is a stretchy, squishy collectible compound. Gak can be squeezed, stretched, bubbled and more – once kids pick up Gak, they won’t want to put it down!

 Gak can be squeezed, squashed, stretched, twisted, rolled and bubbled for hours of creative play. Put Gak back in its container after use to prevent drying out.

Shane really enjoyed bouncing Gak. If you tear off pieces of Gak around one inch in diameter, you can get them to bounce really well. He had a blast with Gak and I know he will be playing with it all the time.

Gak retails for 6.99 each and can be found at


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