Thursday, May 3, 2012

Kushyfoot's new summer open toe silhouette

Kushyfoot are foot covers (flats to go )designed with padding that you can carry in your purse and use when high heels are driving you crazy. They come in a ton of different designs and are so comfortable.

 Now they have a new design open toe silhouette (perfect for the summer)
These still have the same super-comfortable 3-dimensional massaging sole for relief from high heels, and they’re still lightweight and portable—perfect for the desk drawer, car or purse—but now the toes are open and, on the sandal, so are the sides and back. Sizes are 5/6, 7/8 and 9/10 and suggested retail is $9.99 per pair, packed in a mini-purse package. GREAT FOR PEDICURES, TOO.

 I was lucky enough to get a pair to review and I love it. I have a wedding to attend this summer and I know these will come in very handy and save me from aching feet while still allowing me to look trendy. I cant think of any women who wouldn't want a pair.

You can see and purchase all Kushyfoot products HERE.


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