Sunday, September 11, 2011

Bright Starts Review

Bright Starts makes great toys for babies and kids. I owned several Bright Starts toys with Shane and was very excited when they offered to send me something to review for the new baby.

Bright Starts sent me the Lion In The Park Activity Gym

This Gym is adorable. It has a ladybug in the middle that plays 4 different tunes. It also features a Baby-safe mirror, a Spiral sliding bead chaser, a Bee shaped water-filled teether and Colorful bead rattle.

I love that it is machine washable and so easy to set up and take down. Its very portable and can be put in a trunk and taken when visiting friends and family.

The only thing I would change is you can't replace the battery in the ladybug once it dies. It would be nice if you could.

You can purchase the Lion In The Park Activity Gym on Amazon for $27.00.

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