Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Tuneables DVD/CD Series-children learn music

There’s no denying the value that music learning brings to a child.

That is why The Tuneables a new 30-minute animated DVD/CD series, sponsored by the Music Intelligence Project takes a unique approach to music education.

It features great animation for children (ages 3-8). Children are introduced to the magical world of Tuneville, where the delightful Tuneables characters encourage them to hear and sing tonal patterns in songs, develop their rhythmic skills, expand the range of their singing voices, and become immersed in the sounds and melodies of classical music.

This is Shane's favorite DVD. I am not surprised as he loves music and he is learning a lot about music. I know what a benefit it will be to him as he continues to grow up.

You can learn more and purchase the Series HERE for $29.99.


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