Monday, September 19, 2011

What bottles am I using for the New Baby

MAM Bottles! I was super excited to be introduced to MAM this year when my best friend had her son. I fell in love with the bottles right away. They are anti-colic, BPA FREE, easy to clean and work great.

With the Anti-Colic bottle babies feel relaxed and happy from day one. This is because they don't swallow any air while drinking. And this makes the switch between Mum and MAM particularly easy.

With Silk Teat® - no other silicone feels softer
For a smooth flow of milk
With self sterilizing function

MAM not only carries bottles but they carry Pacifiers, Drinking cups, Oral Care and Teethers.

I contacted MAM to tell them how impressed I was with their bottles and was super excited when they offered to send the new baby some bottles, pacifiers and their bite and brush teethers.

The pacifiers glow in the dark so they are easy to find at night if baby drops them and they are orthodontically correct for baby’s jaw and teeth development. The Bite and brush are great for not only teething but help clean babies first teeth.

I am beyond impressed by MAMs products and can't wait to use them with this baby. MAM is sold at many major retailers including Babies R Us and Target.

To learn more about MAM check out their Website HERE.


  1. So happy that you decided to go with MAM ...swear by them's all we use for Zachey =) The glow in the dark binky's are the BEST!! You might want to use the newborn one at first ....Zachey just started taking the 2 month one not sure if they run bigger or if he has a small mouth. LOVE LOVE LOVE MAM products ..all of them!! Also we have had the MAM teether now for a couple weeks since he decided to start teething early...highly recommend too! You love the designs too super cute! Yay for MAM products =)