Thursday, October 14, 2010

Holiday GG 2010 Shirts that Go Review

Shirts that go is a family owned business. They make shirts with different vehicle on them for toddlers and kids.

I love their vehicle shirts and I knew Shane would too. His obsession lately is trains. Thomas and chuggington are his favorite tv shows. He owns a pair of Thomas pj's and asks to wear them every night before bed but he didn't have anything with a train on it to wear during the day till now.

We were sent the Steam Train shirt to review. You should have seen his face light up when I opened the package and showed him the shirt. He loves this shirt. You really need to see these shirts in person because the pictures don't do justice.

They are very well made and the detail of the design is amazing. The vehicles really stand out off the shirt.

Their kids t-shirts are the ideal gift for the little vehicle lover in your family. Their tees options include fire truck t-shirts, train t-shirts, airplane t-shirts, and garbage truck t-shirts all made in the USA. Shipping is free!


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