Saturday, November 13, 2010


Hubby and I had a last minute date night tonight which was amazing. We went to one of our favorite places a small saloon in Grosse Pointe that serves the best Nacho's. I love it there because they always have great food and are not ever so crowded that you can't relax. It's one of those gems you stumble upon. I first went there about 8 years ago with a friend from college and have loved it ever since.

It was very nice to have dinner and conversation with my husband. It was a spontaneous decision last minute and lucky my Dad had no problem watching Shane for us for a few hours.

Do you do date night? Have a special date night spot?


  1. I wish we could do date night more often! We hardly ever have date night because we can't really afford to go out anywhere, but sometimes we will rent a movie after the kids go to bed! That's always nice.

  2. Glad you had so much fun!! It's so nice that you have a great place to go to and that is not too crowded.

    Hubby and I love to go to El Charro's's so sentimental to us and one of our fav spots.

    Hope to see you soon!! XOXO's

    P.S. I really wanted the four of us to do the skating roller and ice skating but that will have to wait now grrrrrrr. That was one of my fave couple date spot's when we went together.

  3. Hubs and I had date night last night! We headed into Philly to watch the Flyers game. Coming home @ 10 it was a little to late to grab "dinner" so we came home and ate the kids' leftover pizza! LOL It was nice to escape the craziness for a while - or at least exchange types of craziness. :-)