Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Holiday GG 2010 Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock and DJ HERO 2

Looking for some great gift suggestions for the music Lover/Gamer. I have the perfect suggestions.

There are 2 really great Games made for Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360

The first is DJ Hero 2

About DJ Hero 2

DJ Hero 2

"The follow up to the award-winning #1 new videogame IP of 2009, DJ Hero® 2 will transform living rooms into nightclubs all over again with an entirely new music-gaming experience. Friends & families can become mix masters and singing sensations to experience hit music like they've never heard it before. With a host of new DJ and vocal multiplayer modes, including innovative DJ Battles, and 80+ mixes featuring the biggest dance, pop and hip-hop hits, DJ Hero 2 delivers the new standard in music gaming."

This is one of my favorite Games for the wii its so much fun because hubby can mix tracks and I can sing. Hubby even lets Shane help him by putting his hand over shanes and guiding him on the turntable which Shane loves.

There are so many neat features. You can let the Game play the music and just jump in and mix whenever you feel necessary, you can battle others to see who is the best DJ and it has a free style mode.

This Game is seriously fun and a must have this holiday season.

My Video camera died a few weeks ago and I have asked for one for Christmas so I have borrowed a video from Youtube so You can see how AWESOME this Game is.

Another Great Game suggestion for the holidays is Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock Guitar.

About Warriors of Rock

"Join with friends on an epic rock journey to save rock n’ roll. Featuring an impressive 90+ track set list, a totally redesigned rock-inspired guitar controller and a host of all-new gameplay features, living room legends and their friends can strum, drum and wail in the most immersive music videogame experience to date."

There are different modes of play

-Quest Mode
Build an army of warriors and fight to save rock in the first-ever epic Quest Mod

-Quickplay +
Test your skills and rank up to earn exclusive rewards with up to 13 challenges per song – over 1,000 possible accomplishments on-disc

-Party Play Mode
Jump in / jump out of gameplay or switch instruments without stopping the music in Party Play Mode

-Expand Your Set List
Import hundreds of tracks from previous Guitar Hero games and downloadable content via GH Music Library and rock out with new challenges and enhanced gameplay powers

I am not much of a rock person so this is more of a Game for my husband. What I love about this game is watching my husband rock out. He is more of a Geeky Guy so its awesome to see a little bit of a wild side shine through when he plays this game. He enjoys the song list and the quickplay mode. He says the challenges are really fun. Plus he enjoys playing this game with his friends. Many other games he plays are boring in my opinion but this game is exciting and really fun to watch.

Both these games are available for the Wii,PS3 and Xbox360. They would make great gifts for tweens, tweens and adults who enjoy music and video games.

They can be purchased online on Amazon.com or in most retail stores that carry video games.

*Please note the DJ hero requires a turntable and mic and the Guitar Hero requires a Guitar. If you already own the turntable or guitar you can purchase just the game. If not you need to purchase the bundle which comes with the Turntable, mic and Guitar respectively.

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