Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Holiday GG 2010 Learning Curve Chuggington the Training Yard with Loop Playset

Chuggington is the newest train show on Disney. It has become very popular very quickly.
My son Shane is just in love with anything Trains and thinks Chuggington is the best.
I love chuggington because it teaches him about friendship, being honest, listening carefully, persisting under adversity, completing tasks, resolving conflict without violence, and many similar important life values.


Learning Curve was kind enough to send my son the Training Yard with Loop Playset

The Training Yard with Loop Playset is truly an action-packed experience! Engines plummet down the spiral track, shoot through the launcher , and race through an exciting 360° overhead loop! Motorized engine launcher propels up to two engines through the loop. Includes a die-cast Wilson engine and a Vee figure.

My son loves this set. He gets so excited when the train shoots around the track and through the loop.

My video camera is not functioning and I wanted you to see how awesome this toy really is so here is a video from youtube that does a great job showing how it works.

I think Learning Curve makes some of the best toys on the Market.

Not only that they are very Generous. They sent me an extra Training Yard with Loop Playset to give to a 4 1/2 year old boy at our church who's house caught fire.

I would definitively recommend the Training Yard with Loop Playset for that special kid for the holiday's this year. This is a quality toy that will be played with a lot and last a long time.

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