Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ergo Baby Performance Carrier

If your a mom a must on your list of things to have for baby should be an ERGObaby carrier.

I Love Love Love my ERGObaby carrier and was impressed when I saw ERGObaby came out with a new performance carrier.

About the new performance carrier

Made of durable, lightweight, and breathable fabric, the ERGObaby Performance carriers are made to accommodate all active moms and dads. The Performance carriers feature a high-performance polyester exterior, ideal for outdoor activities in all climates; a breathable mesh lining, keeping babies and parents cooler and more comfortable; and a cooling panel for extra wicking. The attached sleeping hood stores easily in zippered pocket. This sleek, streamlined design offers a smooth, supportive fit for parents and babies of most sizes, and can still be used to carry babies from newborn to toddler on the back, front, and hip positions.

-Lighter weight (1/3 lighter than our Standard Carrier) This lighter weight fabric, with mesh lining, is ideal for active parents who want to bring baby on the go.

-The rugged exterior provides extra protection against the elements.

-Contoured shoulder straps keep your baby close to your body, eliminating extra strain on your shoulders or back. Thinner foam padding provides cushion without bulk.

-Easily adjust the chest strap to accommodate your own comfort with the sleek and streamlined slider.

-Extra length in waist belt provides a better fit for babywearers of all sizes

My thoughts

The first two things I noticed is that this carrier is lighter weight and has a more breathable fabric. I think that the performance carrier would be great for longer trips and when your spending a lot of time outdoors. It's quality is just as good as the original. It's great that ERGObaby has added another great carrier option to their already amazing line.

I give the ERGObaby Performance carrier 5 stars and would recommend it to any mom.

You can purchase the Performance carrier for $120 HERE