Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Shane is going to be starting Preschool and it has got me thinking how much his schooling is going to cost. I paid 40k for my college degree alone. That doesn't include the tuition that was paid for me to go to a private High School and the extras for things like ACT Tutoring.

Believe me it was worth it but it scares me to think about how much we will have to put out to send Shane to private school and college. I have already started saving because I want to be able to offer Shane the same great education I received.


  1. I know. We keep toying with the idea of Catholic high school - but we have to multiply the tuition times two... boy oh boy....

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  3. I homeschooled both of mine, so I can't really offer any tuition advice. I'm sure that with such a supportive Mom, everything will work out fine. Enjoy the "little" years - they go quickly.
    Janet W

  4. just trust in God. I know it's so easy to get overwhelmed with things in this life, but if he is to get a good education then God will provide and I think it's awesome you are starting to save now. I think I need to do that as well. I have 3 little boys! :-) They are going to public school, but depending on how things go they may be in private some day.

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