Sunday, March 27, 2011

Why Spend More? Shop for Glasses Online and SAVE

The trend has kicked in and online eyeglasses shopping is the new craze - but you’re not convinced! What is the hype about anyway?

The world is changing and as the world of the Internet evolves, online shopping gains momentum. Eyeglass stores have jumped on board too and today, shopping for new prescription eyeglasses online is far more convenient, cost effective and time saving than ever before.

Now, with only a recent glasses prescription (including your pupillary distance measurements), credit card or PayPal account, and a working Internet connection and you’re on your way to purchasing pleasure - all in the comfort of your own home. No more annoying shop personal to put pressure on you...No more stress to have to choose a frame before heading back to the office or picking up the kids, and at the end your new prescription lenses and frames will be delivered directly to your preferred address.

What’s the biggest plus to online eyeglasses buying? Hands down, the affordability. Online retailers such as, provide its customers with high quality discount eyeglasses at up to 70% less than those bought offline. These cheap eyeglasses rival the quality of any of their offline counterparts and are often even produced through the same manufacturers.

Try out to see how easy it is!

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In addition, you can cash in on the March Madness Sale!

  • Take 30% off ANY pair of discount eyeglasses with the code: WinterSale

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All addresses in the United States are automatically given free shipping.

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