Sunday, September 5, 2010


Anyone that knows me knows I LOVE Aeropostale. About 75 percent of my all my clothing is from AERO. In fact I was very bummed when I was pregnant because Aeropostale doesn't have clothing for babies and toddlers. So if/ when you read this Aeropostale please make a line for babies and toddlers.

Anyways You can imagine my excitement when Aeropostale asked me to review their clothing. I can tell you right now their clothing rocks. It is trendy and well made. I have shirts from 4 years ago that are just now falling apart because of being washed so much. I have their jeans that I have been wearing for years that still fit and look great.

Aeropostale gave me a gift card so that I can add to my collection of Aeropostale clothing. I bought this really nice warm Hoodie, two of these t-shirts (blue and green), this white belt and a pair of capri sweats not pictured.

Oh and Aeropostale also sells Guy's clothing as well. Just ask my husband who can show you that 50 percent of his clothes are from Aeropostale. (thanks to me)

Aeropostale has Great clothing that is priced right and that will last you years.
Check them out they are in most Malls as well as online.

Right now their online store has a %30 off code for clearance items as a Labor Day special.

Thanks Aeropostale for making awesome clothes and for providing me with a gift card to add even more of your clothing to my wardrobe.


  1. Thanks for linking up to FFF! Happy Labor Day!

  2. Great post!! =) Their clothes do last a long time!! I love how most of your wardrobe is Aeropostale hehe.

  3. I love their clothes on my hubby!

    I'm a new follower! I found you through Social Parade on Friday.

  4. I love their clothes too. :O)