Saturday, September 18, 2010

A few new pics of Shane and photography tips

Shot Shane last week for fun. He gets lots of pictures having a Mommy Photographer.
Some things that make a Professional picture.

Lighting- There needs to be no shadows on walls behind or next to the person or people in the pictures. Really the best way to do this is by having an external flash. The only way if your a professional.

Coloring- you want the subjects skin to look natural just like in person. You know a photograph is bad for example if the skin on the subject is deep red or blue. The subject shouldn't look so red they seem to be holding their breath ready to combust at any minute lol

Focus- Unless you are intentionally focusing on another object say the shoe in this picture I took of shane at 6 months old.
The focus should be on the subjects face. Meaning the face should be crisp and clear and not look blurry.

Anyways here are the pictures I took of Shane last week. Enjoy!


  1. You have a very cute boy. So adoring. :)

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  2. following you through sensational saturday social

    love from a uk gal xx

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  4. Tagged you on my blog!

    Hugs, Nana

  5. You are such a natural!! Love the new pics and hope to get one or two of him to update the frame of his pic right now =) I guess you will have to bring your camera when we go to the Cider Mill eh? =P

  6. WOW you are an excellent photographer!! fantastic pics!! Love your blog and glad that I found you!