Monday, September 13, 2010

Philosophy Microdelivery Peel Review

I absolutely LOVE Philosophy Products. Philosophy is a company that sells skincare, bath and body products, fragrances and makeup.

I have been using their "falling in love" Perfume for years as well as their purity made simple facial cleanser. I also have used several of their bath and shower gels. They are so neat because they not only smell AMAZING but they can be used as a bubble bath, shampoo or body wash.

I was so excited to have the opportunity to review Philosophy Microdelivery Peel.

This peel is awesome it exfoliate skin and gives it vitamin C. It is made for all skin types.

Its really simple to use.

First rinse face with water and pat dry.
Then spread a quarter-size amount of crystal cream onto your face.
Next massage the cream using steady pressure and circular motions for 2 minutes.
Then put a thin layer of activator serum on. It will turn into white foam.
Massaged the foam into the skin for another minute and rinse face thoroughly.

I really liked the peel. It made my skin feel clean and my skin didn't feel dry like some other peels I have tried.

I do have to say its a bit harsher on my skin then the purity line so if you have super sensitive skin I might start with the purity line and move to this peel second.

Visit Philosophy to see all their amazing products.

The peel can be purchased online at Amazon or in Sephora stores for 65 dollars.

Thank you Philosophy for allowing me to review the Microdelivery Peel.


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