Monday, September 20, 2010

Bebe au lait Reversible Double Bibs Review

The babe au lait bib is the best bib for function and style.

This bib is really four bibs in one. It has 2 panels that can be reversed and the reversed a second time. This bib absorbs a lot of mess and saves the need to use two and three bibs at one meal. Having a kid that had reflux and had many times where a lot of his food ended up not staying in his stomach I can tell you we went through a lot of bibs and many didn't absorb very well.

I wish I had know about the Bebe au lait Reversible Double Bibs when Shane was younger. They would have made feeding time so much easier for all of us.

Click HERE to see the bib in action.

We were given the Mint Chocolate Reversible Double Bib to review. Along with this awesome design they also come in many modern/hip patterns.

The bibs are priced at $16.00 and can be purchased at the website HERE.

Thank You Bebe Au Lait for the chance to review your bib.

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