Friday, July 8, 2011

Baby Gear

Since we hope to be pregnant here soon with baby number 2, we have been looking at what baby gear we can keep from Shane and what baby gear will need to be replaced.

Most of our baby stuff is in great condition. It is even gender neutral. one of the baby items that need replacing is our Travel System. The car seat is expired and the stroller has taken quite a lot of abuse. In fact the travel system stroller has been run over by my car. Hubby left it in the driveway and I backed up on it on accident.

I think I would also like a new Umbrella stroller so we have been spending a lot of time looking at and researching baby strollers. Surprisingly we both have agreed that it is important that we narrow it down to light weight strollers.

I don't fin it fun to lift a heavy stroller in and out of the car especially when recovering from a c-section.

I really like this iCandy Apple Lightweight Stroller.

I love that it is Lightweight, corrosion-resistant aluminium chassis, has 3 position forward facing and rearward facing seat modes and still functional with an Extra large shopping basket.

As for travel systems we both really like the Graco Flip It Travel System.
Like this one but in a different print.

I really like having baby facing me when he or she is so young and then having the option to turn him or her around as they get older, so he or she can see what is going on around him or her.

What travel system or stroller do you own that you love?


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