Thursday, July 28, 2011

New Kitchen Table and Formal Dining Set

As we are getting closer to moving I am getting more worried about what furniture we will need for our new house. I know the move itself is going to be pretty big and a bit stressful, so if I can have some of my furniture picked out, that would be a huge help when we are trying to set up our new house.

Given that we will be purchasing a larger house (around 3,000 square feet). I am pretty sure we will have an eat in kitchen area that will need a kitchen table and chairs as well as a formal dining room.

I always liked the high top table and chairs for eat in kitchen and I am not to picky on those so I think I will let hubby pick out the one he likes best since I will have the final say it most everything else.

Since there will be 5-6 people living in our house we will be looking at 7 piece dining sets. That way everyone can sit together for dinner and there will still be room for a guest or two as well.

So far I really like this set

It is formal enough to go into a formal dining room yet very modern which is very much my style.

My husband has suggested we get an antique buffet table. He knows how much I like to entertain and says it would be a really nice place to store all of our nice tableware we received at our wedding shower.

He likes this one

He says it matches to the dining room table I picked out above but I'm not to sure.
I never really thought how much work it would be to furnish a house. I want to pick out things that will last a while that I won't get tired of and that are not overly expensive.