Friday, July 22, 2011


This week the weather has been in the 90's with lot of humidity. There is no way I am turning on the oven or even the stove in this heat. My air conditioner is already working at maximum capacity. I am already ready to pass out even with the air on. I can't imagine adding to the heat with the stove or oven.

I still do need to put dinner on the table for my family. Having a home cooked meal on the table when my husband comes home from work is something I pride myself on and that is why bbq season is in full swing here. I am really hoping our small older portable grill will make it through the rest of the summer. I plan to use it a lot if this heat continues.

When we originally bought our current portable grill I had thought we would have been to Arizona by now so I didn't buy one that I expected to last a few years. I bought the cheapest portable one that I knew would get us through a year till we moved. Little did I know the move would take much longer than I expected.
It makes me wish I would have thought harder and purchased a nicer grill. I really like hibachi grills and charcoal is a must. Nothing beats the taste of food grilled on a Charcoal grill. Gas has its advantages also but I just have to have charcoal.

This grill would be perfect about now

and while I am dreaming about a better grill I would really love a nice Bradley Smoker. Another great way to give your food amazing flavor.

can you see how much cooking has taken over my life. I think I am bordering on obsessed. LOL