Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Disney Vacation

I know that I had posted about Disney world before but I just found out my Best friend is taking a trip there in July. Her family is in form out of the country and wanted to see Disney while they were here. Isn't that crazy how disney is known all over the world.

So she picked one of Disney World packages for 7 days 6 nights. I think this is great. When you book as a package you get better deals so I know choosing a Disney World package was a great choice.

I had a lot of offers from my readers to help when we decide to pick a package either because they live right near there or have been there before. Now I also will have my best friends input as well.

It does feel a little overwhelming with so many packages to pick from but also its good to know that with so many options we are sure to find something we are happy with.

I would love a little more info from my readers. I will pass it on the my Best Friend as well. Any must sees? must eat at restaurants? General advice that you think would be helpful? We would even appreciate any stay away from's.

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