Monday, June 14, 2010


I am so excited to announce that MY BEST FRIEND SHERRY and Her Husband NATE are expecting their first child. DUE in February. It came at just the right time as Nate lost his Grandfather today and was able to tell him yesterday before he passed.

I found out Saturday but (understandably) was asked to not say anything till they told family which they did yesterday.

They are very lucky to have gotten pregnant so quickly. She got pregnant right away on the first try! They are both healthy not overweight or any other medical conditions so I'm not shocked at all it happened so quickly. I was pregnant on our first try as well. I was able to give her some hints that my OB gave me that helped me conceive right away and am happy those tips worked for her.

They have been The Best Godparents to My son Shane and I know they will make Amazing Parents.

We have been waiting for them to make a Girlfriend or Best friend for Shane but they wanted to pay off their bills from their college educations before they tried. They have reduced their debt to almost nothing and between that and the fact that Nate's grandpa was sick they decided it was time.

I can't tell you how excited I am. I look forward to helping her through her pregnancy and if we are still in state I will be in the room and having the honor of taking the first pictures of her little blessing!



  1. How exciting!!! Can you pass your tips from your OB to me?? We are on our 6th month with no luck! :-(

  2. a friend of mine was having a hard time - her OB told her to take cough med (with alcohol) before - ya know- said the alcohol would relax the muscles so the swimmers could get by the gate. It worked for her. - I'm sure there are better tips, but that's the one that always come to mind when I've got a head cold! LOL

    Congrats to your friends!

  3. I never heard that but I'll remember to add that to my list of suggestions. Thanks for the congrats! everyone is super excited :)

  4. thank you auntie to beeee ........we are so excited !!! We can't wait to share the story with our precious child when they are old enough to understand....grandpa is watching over him or her ....and we are more blessed than we could have ever imagined! So far I am loving being pregnant =) The timing was perfect and god is amazing! We can't wait to find out if Shane is going to have a girlfriend or buddy around our 2 year wedding anniversary =) Love you lot's ...bring on the maternity shopping my fun shoppper =)

    Lot's of Love =)