Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Photography N&D Wedding

I attended a friends wedding last night. It was beautiful and reminded me of my own wedding. It was super special for them b/c they waited so long to get married. They were engaged for 2 years because the Groom is in medical school. He is now a 4th year med student. I know the Bride very well we grew up together. It was just a beautiful night with lots of family and friends just the way a wedding should be. I worked hard today to finish editing almost all of the pictures b/c I knew how excited she was to see and post them. Who wouldn't want to share their special day with the world?

Here are some of the pics I took and there will be another post with more

More in an upcoming post


  1. What a very gorgeous wedding!! Absolutely adore the photos of the Father & Daughter dance! I just hope my wedding can be as beautiful in four months time!!! :) Hazel

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  3. Thanks I loved the father daughter shots also. I think I got a lot of great shots for them. I am sure your wedding will be beautiful :)

  4. Wow awesome pics. The Father Daughter on an angle is my favorite and the first one of the bride!
    Wish I had you when I got married!