Thursday, June 3, 2010

Planning for our Move

I have been planning and planning for our move. We have decided we are not taking a lot of items due to shipping expenses. I have been looking online to find the furniture we will need when we get to Arizona.

I promised Phil he could get a flat screen TV and a Dvd Player since his broke. We have been looking on overstock. I love because shipping is cheap, prices are reasonable, they have a good selection of items and it's nice to see ratings from people who have already purchased items.

I have pretty much picked out the furniture I want to get and have the rooms decorated. The only room I haven't done much planning on is the home office. I really hope we have a home office in our new house so I can pick out some nice office furniture and maybe some new laptops.

Phil is in love with this bed. I think it's pretty nice myself.

I'll be buying one of these since I plan to spend a lot of time outdoors.

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  1. What a fun hammock chair. I like to shop at amazon because many items sell for free shipping. I also use my swagbucks points for amazon $5 money. They add up pretty quickly.

    Blessings on the move!

  2. I love that bed, and the hammock chair- my inlaws have one of those at the beach house and I could spend all day in it!

    Praying for a smoothe move!

  3. Love your style !!! The hammock chair looks nice and cozy too =)

    XoXo =)

  4. Where are you moving from? I live in AZ but we are moving to California!
    Good luck with your move, so stressful and so much to do!

  5. We are moving from Michigan! where in Az do you live?

  6. thanks for stopping by my blog. Best wishes on the move. I also love the photography on here.