Friday, June 25, 2010

How To enter Giveaways

I know some of you have wanted to enter my giveaways and maybe other blogger's giveaways as well and don't know how or are a bit confused on how it works.

My friend and blogger Melissa from Living the Life of Riley has written a great detailed post to explain how to enter Giveaways.
Check it outHERE and check out her great giveaways going on while your there as well!

I hope you'll come back and enter my Giveaways too :)

Links Fixed :)


  1. Not sure if it is just my computer, but i cant get the links to work - gives me an error message.

  2. I liked her post too!
    Following you back! Thanks!

  3. Hi! I’m returning the follow from FF!
    Thanks for visiting!

  4. Thanks so much for the link up Laura! I really, really appreciate it! Have a wonderful weekend!