Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Questions for my readers & extra entries oppertunity

Phil and I are talking about trying for #2 next year.

I was wondering how many kids you have? boy or girl?

What are their age differences?

Do they get along?

Do you plan on having more?

OH and share your favorite baby names?

and If you respond give yourself 2 extra entries to any current giveaway of your choice :)


  1. We currently have 0 kids...but our baby girl is due to debut in September! We definitely want to try for 2-3 kids.

    My favorite baby names (that my husband isn't a fan of) are: Cyprus, Sebastian, Juniper, Selah, Shalom, and Fidelia :)

  2. I have 4 girls ages 9 (10) in December, 7 (8) in August, 5 (6) in December and an 8 month old. They usually all get along well sometimes my 9 year old and 7 year old have their differences but that is what is expected I guess. Yes we plan on having one more maybe we will get our boy this time. My kids names are Madyson, Kyndal, Lyndze and Jaedyn and the next one if a boy will be Wyatt David and a girl will be Wryann Darby. Can't wait to hear when you are expecting.

  3. I have 2 girls Kendall is 6 and Peyton will be 4 next month. They are 2yrs and 9mo apart. They do get along most of the time, but they do fight sometimes :)

    I would love more kids, and thought I would have had another by now, but haven't got that far yet.

    I only have one baby boy name that I love and it is Jensen Dean. I have had it picked out since baby #1. Good Luck!!

  4. We have 1 little girl and she just turned 2.

    We have no plans right now on having more. In fact, the thought of being pregnant kind of makes me cringe.

    My favorite girl name is my daughter's Paige Maryn.

    My favorite boy name is Isaac Ray. Both of those names have special meaning to us :)

    Good luck and thanks for the extra entries!

  5. i have 2 kids, a boy (Cameron Matthew) who will be 3 next month. and a girl (Aubrie Willow) who is 15 months. They are 20 months apart. I got pregnant with my daughter when my son was 11 months. He was kind of too young to understand what was going on, he actually didn't even notice that there was a baby in the house at all until she started crawling lol. Right now they usually get along, but my son tries to bully her and he hardly ever lets her play with any toys. I'd love to have more kids!

    As for names... I had a rough time naming both of my kids. I don't like hardly any boy names, and I like TOO MANY girl names ;)

  6. That sounds like a great plan. I remember when I had my son, I didn't have family close by and didn't want him to grow up lonely so it was a pleasure to decide to have another child. It was a girl and now they are inseparable! Inseparable I tell ya! I love and then at times it drives me nuts, especially when it comes to the toys and sharing, but they do love and adore each other.

    My son is five now and my daughter is 3. I think they have an 18month difference in age.

    And yes I do plan on having more. I want to have five children and that includes adoption.

    I am still searching for names for my future children :)

  7. We have two girls

    They are six minutes apart :)

    They are only four months old, but they seems to get along pretty well.

    We would like to have three biological children and adopt a fourth.

    We used two of our most favorite girls names, Brynne and Hadley on our daughters. If we had a boy, we would name him Elvy (old family name) the second boy name we have picked out is Benton.

  8. I have 2 babes. My first is a girl, Finley Belle 2 1/2. And my second a boy. Ezra Bennett 8 1/2 mos. They are 21 months apart. I love this age difference, they absolutly love eachother and their faces light up when they see eachother. They play very well together and my daughter is a huge help! We do plan on having one more maybe even two. But not for a few years. I would love to possibly have 2 more with the same age difference but when my first two are in school or close to it.
    If we have another girl in the future she will be Reeve Charlotte, I also love the name Saige for a girl. For a boy I love the names Jude or Judah, Sutton, Elliot, Reed, Benson, and Beckett. But I don't have any set or real favorites for a boy right now.

  9. I have 2 kids. My son is 10 and my daughter is 2. They are 7 years and 11 months apart. They get
    along great. My son is very protective of his baby sister.
    I had my daughter at age 36 so no more kids are in our future.

    I really like the name Caleb for a boy
    and Abigail for a girl.

  10. We have 2 kiddos - Peanut is 3 and little Man is 6.5 months. They are 2 years and 10 months apart and it couldn't be a better age spread (for us). Peanut is a great big sister and LOVES her brother. And he adores her.

    We have talked about 1 more, possibly adopting. But right now we are enjoying our 2.

    Names we liked but didn't use: Hayden, Harper, Sawyer, Madeline, Cora, Ruby, Simon, Mattias, and I could go on.

  11. We have two kids, a boy and a girl (twins).

    They are twins, so there's no age difference, but we're currently pregnant with #3 due in January (the twins will be 21 mos give or take when he/she is born)

    They get along VERY well.

    Definitely plan on having more...even after this 3rd one.

    Oh, my favorite baby names are David and Malka.

  12. How exciting!! I loved coming to the decision to have a second child :)

    Here are my answers:

    --We have two girls

    --There is a 22 month age difference

    --They get along beautifully since they are both young! There were {and still are} some jealous issues, but that was to be expected.

    --We may have more, but not for awhile {hence why we got a puppy, lol!}

    --Fave names: Rylan, Peyton, Addison, Jacob, Carter


  13. I have 3 kids, 2 boys (ages 6 and 2) and 1 girl (4 yrs old), and we are expecting another boy in September! They get along wonderfully, although they are still siblings and do have the normal fights. We are not planning on more after this baby is born, although I wouldn't be upset if we had more. My husband says we are DEF done though! =)

  14. I am enjoying reading all your answers :)

  15. I have 2 kids - both boys (ages 5 and 3)

    They are 16 months apart and are the best of friends and worst of enemies... LOL

    I wouldn't change it - they get along more often than not.

    We are done - Two and Through is our motto!!
    (One and Done was hubby's before I insisted...I mean discussed... on two)

    Favorite names... Well, Zachery and Benjamin LOL

    For girls I always loved Ava, Emma, Angela (wink) Sarah

  16. I have one daughter who is 18 months old. We're debating when to start for number two. My brother and I were very close growing up and still are; we are 3 1/2 years apart. I am older. My husband has two younger sisters, and all the siblings are a year apart. He is very close to the older sister, but less so with the younger. My best friend's kids are 18 months apart and at ages 7 and 8 they get along well. As for names, I have a *lot* of favorites. I'll cut it down for you; Leah, Danica, Kaley, and Elena; David, Daniel, Alexander, and Jared.

  17. We have two kids, Olivia who's 6 1/2 and Owen who's 16 months.
    They are a little over 5 years apart and they get along great. They play together, Olivia's like another little mommy always helping and Owen wants to do everything that she does.
    We go back and forth on having a third. If it happens, it happens, as long as its before Owen turns 3.
    As for names, we love Elijah Bennett if we have another boy and nothing definite for a girl but love Omri, Graysen, Mabry or Cortlyn.

  18. Well, I have 5 kiddos - 3 girls - Ellen is 11, Alexis is 9, and Hattie is 8 months - the boys - Daniel (Danny) is 5 and Dean (Deano) is 3. The older girls are 23 months apart and the boys are 22 months apart. There is a big gap between the girls and the boys - didn't try for that - we never stopped trying:) We are DONE now - got the hubby fixed while pregnant with Hattie!! I LOVE having all the kids!! As they get older, you can start to see what it will be like when they come home with their own family's!!

    The girls and the boys get along great - but also fight really well!! Don't know what to tell you - they are siblings!

    I would have more if the pregnancy's didn't suck so much!! And if I wouldn't go insane:)!!!

  19. Mine are 12 months apart- got pregnant when Brody was only 3 months! Obviously- I love the name Brody and Ayla- but our other favorites are Brynn, Brett, Jade, Hudson, and Dean. (I told you our future kids names before- but those are secret to the world!) haha!

  20. We have a 7 year old boy, a 5 year old girl and a baby girl due in August. We were aiming to have our kids 18 months apart and wound up with 25. If we were to do it again I'd go 2 1/2 years apart. They'll still be friends but it will make the first 6 months so much easier!

    Right now my kids are best friends (and often worst enemies) but they love each other and play together well. I'm hoping the dynamic won't change too much with the new baby.

    I have no baby name ideas (whuch is a problem, since we're due in 7 weeks!)

  21. We have one girl (2 next week) and one due in Sept. I think we are done after that. I will give you our fave boy name since we are having another girl. Jude.

  22. We currently have one girl (2 1/2 yrs old) and I'm pregnant with #2 (a boy, due August 9th). I'm hoping they'll get along but if they're anything like my brother and I, it probably won't happen until much later in life. LOL. We have discussed the possibility of having more, he has 4 siblings, but I think we'll wait until we've got a handle on 2 kids before discussing anymore. And sorry but no baby names to share, just because we haven't even picked a name for the newest one coming!

  23. I have been blessed with a son and would have loved to have many more but sadly no more.
    I like the names Paxton and Fay for a girl and
    Court and Jude and Joel for boys.

  24. Hmmm. Well God has a sense of humor. We tried for seven years and finally had a baby boy. Thought that was it...then our girls were born within the next three years! The first two were 18 months apart, then 2 1/2 years between the girls. I loved having them all so close. It was chaotic but joy.

  25. I didn't share names...Peyton, Paige Cecilia and Emma Catherine. All after a family member or because of the meaning of the name. The P's are my children walking here on earth. They make me laugh every day. Emma dances in heaven. She was a strawberry blonde cutie..glad for every moment she was here with us :)

  26. We have 4. Our first 3 were born pretty much right in a row. They are now 5, 7 and 8. Boy, Girl, Boy. Andrew, Emma and Joshua. Our newest addition, Aiden is now 4 months. I think we are done. The older 3 fight constantly at times but then other times they are best friends. I would be afraid we would have another girl and 1 is enough for me. haha

  27. We have 1 girl and are expecting a boy in Aug. They will be 2 yrs apart. I hope they get along...LOL
    Baby names I love -
    Isabella, Ashlyn, Liam, Asher

    havefaith4ever at yahoo dot com

  28. I have a girl and a boy, 23 months apart. They get along pretty well right now, but my youngest is only 6 months, so he can't do a lot of fighting back yet. :-)
    We plan on having more at some point, but it might be through adoption...just not sure yet.
    A couple of my favorite names right now are Zane and Campbell.